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Which Type of Sprayer is available to accept the PulveCap ?

The Pulvecap has been developed to work on every sort of sprayer ; from the oldest, the more basic to the last one, the more sophysticated.

How many boom sections can be simultaneously managed ?

Pulvecap system is able to manage directly up to 8 boom sections. If necessary others peripheral pulvecap can be linked to the master in other to increaze the number of boom sections to be managed.

how much money can be saved with the Pulvecap ?

Regarding the current result of users, Pulvecap goes back to save roughly 25% amount of money that you would have to spend for pulverisation.

What's about the flowmeter reliability

Electromagnetic flowmeters are used for the Pulvecap. They are designed for measuring the flow  with a accuracy of 1% of the measure. There is no mechanical part ; it is just recommanded to clean up regularly in order to keep it in well condition.

What is the way to analyse the PuvéCap data

Result data are free of access. The data format is MIF/MID and can be directly access with every sort of cartographic software or any spreadsheet software like Excel.

You are free to use TixadPreview software which will first configure the embedded system  and then will proceed and analyse raw data and diplay cartographic results and statistical table results. TixadPreview is capable to export cartographic results in a KML format in other to display with Google Earth software.

Why Physiocap is useful ?

Physiocap is an embedded system dedicated to the measure the wood prunings in the field for a sustainable management of the vineyard and other crops.

Why measuring wood prunings ?

  • The physiological balance of grapevine and other crops is defined by its growth and its vigor. These are 2 key parameters for a better control of the harvest quality.
What is the way to install Phyisiocap ?

Physiocap is design to be installed on every sort of motorized engin agricultural vehicles with the support of a dedicated hanging system which is going to fix on the special 3-points connecting mecanical device installed on every agricultural vehicles. Notice that it is directlly fixed on a straddle tractor.

One has to be careful on the alignment of the laser sensor fied on the both side of the hanging systems (or both straddle sides). To do this, an alignment tool is ready to use in the installation kit.

Physiocap is ready to use. No more specific know-haw is required to install it.