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Tixad Products


PulveCap is an embedded system dedicated to the control and the command of the pulverisation on an a sprayer. PulveCap integrates an embedded controle unit (TIX01 or TINY) with a set of flowmeter plug on the differents boom of the sprayer. The number of flowmeters is deduced to the involved precision. Just one flowmeter allows to have a global view of the sprayer, while one flowmeter per side (the right one, the middle one, the left one) permits to trace more prcisely the way the pulverisation is made ; At last, the more precised control is obtained when using one flowmeter per boom.

Pulvecap can be upgrade with other sensors as a meteo station, or a tank level sensor based on US waves.

Pulvecap is capable to command the pulverisation with the Flow Proportional Electronic Command. For more detail, please consult the dedicated data sheet.

Our other products



TixadPreview is a software providing cartographical presentations based on statistical analyses and traçability of the row data created by the PulvéCap or Physiocap modules.

This software is capable to give a rapide analyse and graphical view of the raw data. TixadPreview is available with MesP@rcelles software developped by "Chambre Agriculture de France".

Data results (raw data, or final results) can be export in several format (excel format, KML format for a direct cartographic view with Google Earth).